11 December, 2019

They Cannot Get Over the Infamous “2015 Trump Announcement Day.” Never, Ever

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Seen: angry liberals again repeating the now-infamous Donald Trump Announcement Day Story (hereafter, DTADS), which goes something like this: “Trump arrogantly came down the escalator at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 and announced his presidential candidacy while calling poor, sweet, innocent, undocumented Mexican immigrants racist names, and he even mocked a disabled person with Tourette Syndrome and a blind, transgender, African-American midget with AIDS! He’s another Hitler!” That’s the basic narrative of the story. Trump is evil and the DTADS is proof of that, the narrative says. I’ve heard that cry-baby story so many times that I now hear it in my sleep. That Trump sob-story is a key reason why leftists and Jews hate Trump.

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