15 December, 2019

Thoughts on Taxes, Part 1

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One day, my dad came home from work and announced that he had gotten a pay raise. But he didn’t seem all too happy about the raise. When asked why not, he said: “Well, now I’m going to make more money, but, now I’m also in a higher income-tax bracket. So now, I earn more money, but I pay more in taxes. So why did I bother to work hard in order to get a raise that won’t really help us?” Indeed. Progressive federal taxes (both on income and on inheritances) are just Socialist/Marxist bullshit. They need to be ended [1].


[1] Long championed by liberals, the progressive federal income tax was created in 1913 by the 16th Amendment; the progressive federal estate tax was created in 1916; a federal gift tax was created in 1924 to get even more money from White families; the federal tax laws caused massive privacy losses for White citizens; sources for this tax information include the article “Estate Taxes: An Historical Perspective” by Gary Robbins

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