12 December, 2019

UK: the Normalization of Child Abuse in the White Socialist-Type Countries

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Allowing a 12-year-old boy to “change” his sex to “female” is felony child abuse. Is anybody going to be arrested for that? As socialism emerges in the West, look for more of this bullshit. (Jeremy Corbyn, a socialist, is the leader of Britain’s Labour Party. One quarter of Britain’s economy is controlled by the government, i.e., many things, such as big industries, have been “nationalized” and if Britain doesn’t “Brexit” the socialist situation will get worse).

News quote: “A 12-year-old, who is one of Britain’s youngest transgender children, has started transitioning after realising she was born in the wrong body aged just three. Though (he) was born male, her mum says she insisted that she was a girl as soon as she could speak.” (“She”?? “Her”?? He hasn’t had “gender re-assignment surgery” yet! How can he be a “she”/”her” already?? What crap this is! You can thank the postmodernists in the Western universities for this type of bullshit. They insist that there are “no absolutes” in the world, no truths, no boundaries, no fixed reference points. “If a person believes he is a she, then he is” they will say; anything goes, no matter how stupid).


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