30 December, 2019

White Philosophy: National Socialism vs. Leftist Socialism

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(Above: in a Jewish-created “kangaroo court,” Nazi philosopher Alfred Rosenberg listens to Jews and communists lie about him before he is illegally hanged for writing a book, 1946).

Re: this article about National Socialism (NS, aka Nazism), which was posted as a link on VNN Forum yesterday:

Quoting the article: “These are highly socialist sentiments, and if Wagener reports his master faithfully they leave no doubt about the conclusion: that Hitler was an unorthodox Marxist who knew his sources and knew just how unorthodox the way in which he handled them was.”

No doubt you have just spit a mouthful of coffee onto your keyboard in surprise, like I did! Hitler was “an unorthodox Marxist”? Bullshit. Did he learn something from Marxism? I’m sure he did. He was well-read. (Search the internet and you won’t find any leftists claiming Hitler as their own kind. What does that tell you?).


There is nothing wrong with using the power of the government to safeguard White interests and only White interests. This is the opposite of left-wing socialism, a “Marxism-lite” egalitarian ideology founded by Jews [1] which seeks to make all humans within a state “equal” to each other, regardless of their race, heritage, ability, sex or IQ. National Socialism is the opposite of leftist socialism, i.e., it’s for Whites only and it isn’t egalitarian or international. It also allows some private property.

Consider this: only the state has the awesome power needed to keep a state White, decade after decade, century after century. No other entity has the power required to keep a state White: no person, no corporation, no political party can do it. Ultimately it must be done by the government under force of law. This article about NS (in my opinion) seeks to scare right-wing White people away from NS by connecting it to Marxism.

Hitler knew that NS could unite an entire country under a racial, blood-and-soil, Germany-for-the-Germans banner, and it did so, very successfully. Hence the reason the NS philosopher Alfred Rosenberg was hanged by the “allies” merely for writing a book (!). Obviously NS worked, or Rosenberg, and others, wouldn’t have been murdered for creating it, and 6 years of “DeNazification” (1945-1951) wouldn’t have been “needed.” (Have you ever heard of “DeMarxification”? Neither have I. Apparently, it’s never “needed” anywhere. Why not?).

To those who say “But I don’t want a big federal government in America that controls everything”: Neither do I. But recall what Ben Franklin said. He said that the founders gave us a White republic “if you can keep it.” We couldn’t keep it. By 1865, the White republic that our founders gave us was gone and there were actually negroes in the Congress!



[1] the Jews Eduard Bernstein, Ferdinand Lassalle and Moses Hess invented left-wing socialism

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    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juOhN0mQ1R0&t=2s This what doomed the republic, then WW 1 made them richer and more powerful.