26 January, 2020

American History for Newbies: Daniel De Leon, Early Socialist/Marxist Leader

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Like most early socialists/communists in America, De Leon (above; 1852-1914) was a Jewish immigrant. An exotic and well-educated subversive, he was born in Curacao and arrived in New York City in 1873. He was at first a socialist, but later a Marxist. He was the de facto head of the Socialist Labor Party and editor of its newspaper “The Weekly People” from 1892 until his death. (Legendary author Jack London [“Call of the Wild”] was a member of the Socialist Labor Party).

Just as it’s a short step from Brooklyn to Queens (they’re next to each other), it’s also a short step from socialism to Marxism, the only difference being that Marxism is more radical than socialism: it advocates actual revolution (i.e., violence).

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