5 January, 2020

Another Jewish Counterculture Icon Dies. Groovywitz! Far-Outberg! Coolstein!

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(granted, this item is late-to-post, but nonetheless…).

“Hey, man, all the White people — oops, heh, heh, I mean, all the people should drop out of society and trip on acid, man! Yeah!” — a probable quote by Ram Dass. Sadly, lots of White people followed that advice. In fact, as one person said, it’s nearly a miracle that America survived the 1960s.

The Jewish queer and LSD/counterculture guru Ram Dass has died. So sad. Trivia for newbies: the 1960s counterculture (which was part of the New Left) was built by Jews, most notably: Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner and Allen Ginsberg. Indeed, without Jews, there wouldn’t have been a “counterculture.” Funny how so few people ever mention that — wonder why not? [Article].

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