7 January, 2020

Brown Immigrants from Terrorist Countries Being Allowed Into America, Despite Ban

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Government Fool #1: “We’re so desperate for ethnic diversity that we’ll import anybody into America!”

Government Fool #2: “Well, almost anybody. Evil White racists are not allowed in! Ever!”

Government Fool #3: “Yes. White racism is much, much, much worse than terrorism. Just ask any Jew!”

Any Jew: “That’s right! White racism must be abolished from this earth because another Hitler could rise up and HollowCost us! My grandfather was gassed by the Nazis! He was gassed 5 times at Auschwitz and 4 times at Dachau; he escaped death by holding his breath each time. He lives in Cleveland now.”

Article quote: “The federal government has brought nearly 1,400 refugees to the United States over the last year from foreign countries listed on President Donald Trump’s constitutional travel ban. In 2019, the State Department imported exactly 1,378 refugees from Chad, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen — six of the eight countries on Trump’s travel ban list, which also includes North Korea and Libya.”


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