11 January, 2020

Commiefornia: You Can Thank the Leftists For the Vanishing Middle Class (and Class Warfare)

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Paraphrasing a comment that I saw online, concerning the sky-high rent and housing prices in liberal San Franqueersco, which are driving out normal people: “Soon, the only people living in the San Francisco Bay area will be the wealthy and the poor.”

Yes. America used to have a huge middle class, living in suburbs, consisting of teachers, plumbers, firefighters, etc. But that middle class is quickly vanishing. Soon, there will be only two classes: rich and poor. No in-between. Thanks to leftist policies (e.g., mass immigration, high taxes, various socialist mandates), America is becoming just like England was for decades. No middle class. And as a result of that, there will be constant class warfare in America, i.e., it will be a place ripe for major communist and socialist movements. Perhaps that’s the big plan anyway? (And, speaking of rent/housing in S.F., why are the Chinese allowed to buy up homes for cash in S.F.?? That drives up the housing prices by increasing demand; more demand = higher prices).

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