27 January, 2020

Negro Sports Stars: the New American Icons

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The ghost of Elvis Presley says: “The way the media is reacting to Kobe Bryant’s death, you’d think that I was in that helicopter — along with Jesus, Hank Williams and Buddy Holly!” [Article].

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  7. One Response to “Negro Sports Stars: the New American Icons”

    1. Luke Says:

      Noticing that the jooz media are trying to blame this helicopter crash on evil, horribly racist, “Fog” and avoid broaching any possible indication of foul play or possible negritudinal incompetence.

      Of course, I would venture to say that it’s probably an even bet that this Magic Negro probably hired a white guy chopper pilot, just like most IQ of 85 negrows tend to seek out White Cracker Doctors whenever they need a big complicated surgery and suddenly decide to lose faith in Affirmative Action.

      I have had zero interest in NBA basketball since the pale, stale and lily white Boston Celtics players all retired, but I did see a story or two where this Kobe dude dared to utter a few favorable things about America being the greatest country on the planet – so maybe that tweaked the Cultural Marxist nose gang the wrong way, and they decided to assign a MOSSAD asset into his Helicopter maintenance crew team.

      You never know.

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