5 January, 2020

Negroes: Always Abusing White Technology

Posted by Socrates in black arrogance, black behavior, black culture, black pols, Blacks abusing White technology, Blacks as a failed race, Socrates, White inventions, White technology, White-culture-as-superior at 8:15 am | Permanent Link

Seen: a negro politician in Charlottesville, Virginia using a TV camera, lights and a microphone to complain about White racism (i.e., colonialism): Negro, that’s White technology that you’re abusing! Lights, TV cameras and microphones where invented by evil White people. You can’t use them and be a true negro, a true African; for that sort of thing, you must use only Black technology. Which is? That’s a good question. Smoke signals? Drums? Grunting sounds? You can’t bitch about White people while using White technology. It’s not proper. It’s rude.

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