26 January, 2020

Queers: Are They Ready for the White House?

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Short answer: yes. In today’s America, anything abnormal is normal, and vice-versa. Up is down. Day is night. Hot is cold. America is like Wonderland without Alice.

“Blanchard observes that homosexuals are psychologically and physically more feminine than heterosexual men, including even in their intelligence profile: higher in linguistic skills, low in spatial intelligence.”

So that’s why queer males prance around and carry on like women! (“Did you see Stacy’s new dress?? Ohhh, it’s just divine! I should have such a dress! But she’s a little too fat to wear it! *giggle-giggle*”).

And here’s an interesting point: “Homosexuality is associated with the mind having developed sub-optimally, resulting in strongly elevated levels of depression and thinking about suicide.”


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