20 January, 2020

The Worst Thing to Happen to America was the “Civil Rights” Movement

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(Above: Stanley Levison, wearing glasses).

Before the civil-rights movement, Blacks were submissive. They were respectful, even afraid, of Whitey. But after the civil-rights movement, Blacks were contemptuous and snotty towards Whitey, because they had lost all fear of Whites. Indeed, rapes of White women by Blacks quadrupled circa 1970.

Who built the civil-rights movement? Not Blacks, but Jews. In fact, it was a Jew who managed Martin Luther King Jr. His name was Stanley Levison. He was a communist and a Soviet agent. Not only was the civil-rights movement staffed by Jews, it was also funded by Jews. And, Jews such as Arnold Aronson and Emanuel Celler virtually created the Civil Rights Act of 1964 via their political activism and their behind-the-scenes networking [1].

As Alex said, “civil rights is Jewish tyranny in blackface.”


[1] Aronson was executive secretary of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights from 1950 to 1980

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