25 January, 2020

White Philosophy: George Lincoln Rockwell

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The late American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell (above) has been accused by some people of being a caricature, a “dress-up Nazi” with a Hitler fetish. Point taken. However, there’s another side to Rockwell. I recall that Alex said that only successful models of racial and political activism should be copied, and Nazism was a great success: under Hitler’s leadership, Germany went from being “in the toilet” in 1933 to being “very successful and robust” just 4 years later. So Rockwell was following a successful model at least. (One of the important things that Rockwell said was this [paraphrasing]: “why did America send U.S. Marines half-way around the world to fight communism in Vietnam, but then not send Marines to fight communism in Cuba, just 90 miles away from America?” Excellent point. America was never serious about fighting communism — it was all posturing).

[Rockwell’s 1967 book “White Power”].

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