27 January, 2020

White Philosophy: Why Cultural Marxism Exists Today

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Consider these slogans, which have been heard on every college campus since about 1987:

Western culture is White male oppression”

“Race and sex are only social constructs”

“White privilege”

“Whiteness is evil, and it must be abolished”

“Abolish the White male patriarchy”

“Capitalism is White male oppression”

These slogans, and similar ones, exist today because traditional Marxism failed to take hold in the Western world. A new type of Marxism (i.e., “Marxism lite” or “revolutionless Marxism”) was needed by the Judeo-Left to keep the war on White western culture going. Cultural Marxism pits people against each other, like regular Marxism, but it does so culturally, not economically like regular Marxism. Cultural Marxism, like regular Marxism, is a creed of hate and resentment directed towards White culture. It seeks to destroy White culture, which means that it should be illegal in the West, but strangely it isn’t.

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