28 February, 2020

For Newbies: Thoughts on Slavery

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You’ve heard the common narrative about Black slavery in America: “It was uniquely evil!” “Only White people would enslave other humans!”

But that’s a totally false narrative. In fact, White people were bought and sold (by Jews) as slaves in Poland in the 1400s. Indeed, historically speaking, all people have engaged in slavery at one point or another. Slavery still exists in some parts of Africa today.

Believe it or not, Black slaves in America were usually treated well by the White slave-masters, for at least 2 reasons: 1) slaves were expensive; 2) sick or injured slaves couldn’t work. As strange as it sounds, Black people actually benefited from being slaves: they were usually taught to read and write by the slave-masters’ wives. So Blacks, as a people, actually progressed due to slavery. Today they are cops and firefighters and even judges. Granted, Whites didn’t plan for that to happen, but nonetheless it did.

One more thing about American slavery: did you know that White slave traders didn’t capture their slaves in Africa? That’s right. Black African tribal chiefs sold the slaves to the White traders. Yes, the Blacks sold their own people into slavery.

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