22 February, 2020

Support Rape Diversity!

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A TV commercial, featuring a female voice-over and images of sad, White women:

*(slow, melancholic piano music begins)*

“Hi. This is Ruth Goldberg Weinberg Silverstein of The National Center for Rape Diversity.

Today, millions of White women are raped by White men. It’s not fair. It’s the travesty of our time. But it doesn’t have to be.

No White woman should ever have to be raped by an evil White man.

It’s time for all Americans to support rape diversity — after all, it’s a human right that is recognized by the UN, NATO, China and most abortion providers.

For just 17 cents per day, you can help us to ensure that your White wife, mother, sister, or grandmother experiences rape diversity. By sponsoring a non-White immigrant, you can greatly increase the chance that women in your life will be raped by gentle Black, Brown, and Asian men! For just 17 cents per day, you can help create the rape diversity that all White women deserve.

Sophisticated scientific studies from the Leon Trotsky Institute To Abolish White People in Jerusalem show that non-White immigrant men are very gentle in their raping, and furthermore, they rarely murder their victims, unlike evil White rapists, who always torture and murder their victims without exception.

The National Center for Rape Diversity in New York City currently has 1,500 non-White men in foreign locations just waiting for sponsors: they live in such diverse places as Mexico, Honduras, Somalia, Kenya, and Vietnam. These intelligent, thoughtful men are anxiously awaiting your promise to sponsor them. We can’t guarantee that all of these men will commit rape, but the odds are excellent that they will! Won’t you help them? Together, we can bring them to America!

Don’t wait. Pick up the phone now and call 1-800-DIE-VERSITY and tell us that you want to sponsor one of our smart, vibrant non-White immigrants. You’ll be glad you did. Rape diversity is a human right. No White woman should ever have to be raped by an evil White man.

Please give the White women in your life a chance to enjoy the human right of rape diversity. Call us today.”

*(music ends; fade out)*

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