26 February, 2020

When Concrete Jungles Replaced Farms and Small Towns

Posted by Socrates in Blood and Soil, city folks, consumerism, corruption, cosmopolitan/rootless/city mentality, global citizens, global citizenship/world citizenship, Jewed cities, jewed culture, metropolises, modernity, Socrates at 6:39 pm | Permanent Link

Bye-bye, blood, soil, earth and family. Hello, sky-scrapers, concrete and subways. Modern man is an ugly, shallow, rootless fellow. Just give him bright lights and big cosmopolitan cities filled with faggots and foreigners and he’ll be satisfied. He lost his way, his soul, years ago. The shimmer and sheen of New York City and Chicago are what he craves now. Thanks, Big Jew.

“As more and more Americans left their farms and went to cities to participate in the rapid industrializing process, they became estranged from the agrarian spaces that Americans had previously inhabited, as well as doubly removed from the “blank spaces”—the wilderness—that lay beyond. The sense of living off the land was replaced by an increased consumerism and drive to not just master the span of the continent but to subdue it and crisscross it with railways.”


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