18 February, 2020

White Philosophy for Newbies: Did White People Steal Hawaii?

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More or less they did steal it. The British “found” Hawaii in 1778, America made it a territory in 1898 and annexed it as a state in 1959 [1][2]. But it’s much more complicated than just being an act of “theft”: racial nature/instinct/drive (which is sometimes derisively called “manifest destiny” by the Left) played a big role as well [3]. Let this help you to understand it:

White Man, circa 1600 AD: “Tomorrow, we’ll start building a huge ship to sail across the ocean. We’ll search for new lands!”

Brown Man, circa 1600 AD: “Tomorrow, we’ll sit around and eat those berries that make us see funny things!”

White Man and Brown Man are very different in their natures. White Man explores things, invents things, builds things, always strives for more and better things, even if it kills him. Brown Man doesn’t: he basically eats, fucks, and watches the clouds roll by. Yet he is said to be “equal” to White Man.


[1] in 1993, the U.S. Congress and president Bill Clinton “apologized” for Americans overthrowing the Kingdom of Hawai’i (the proper spelling) in 1893

[2] Hawaii is very diverse today: Native Hawaiians are only 10% of the population — many of them have moved to America; the biggest racial group is Asian at 37%, followed by White at 27% and “mixed race” at 23%

[3] “Manifest Destiny”

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