27 March, 2020

America as the Global Policeman: Let’s Not Do That Anymore

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I’m not a fan of Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro. Indeed, I hate leftist thugs. But, all countries have natural sovereignty, so America can’t legally charge Maduro with drug trafficking into America (unless U.S. cops saw Maduro, or his staffers, personally smuggle bundles of drugs into America, which I doubt they did). Do the American politicians want to end drug trafficking into America once and for all? Then they should seal up the southern border tight. They could. But will they? No. (Making matters much worse, the U.S. government has put a bounty on Maduro and his staff! Just like in the Old West days of Jesse James! That’s just plain illegal and wrong).

News quote: “The Trump administration has brought criminal charges against Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and senior members of his government.”

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