2 March, 2020

Canada: The Normalizing of Jewish Communism, or, Night is Now Day

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(Above: a Zuken political leaflet, circa 1970).

Just like in America (and Australia), Jews led the communist movement in Canada. Jews seem to be genetically pre-disposed to Marxism (well, of course: they invented it!).

Why does the Jewish communist leader in Canada, Joseph Zuken (1912-1986), have a park named after him? Why does the Manitoba Historical Society continue to honor Zuken with a web page? Maybe you should write to the Society and ask them? Why does Canada seem to embrace communism? Come to think of it, why does the Jew Karl Marx have statues erected to him in many different Western countries? Why is “abnormal” now called “normal”? Are there any “Nazis” in Canada who have parks named after them? (Answer: no). Are Jewish communists “good” people? If so, why are they “good” people? Is totalitarianism “good”?

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