15 March, 2020

Communism In Canada: It Was Jewish, Too

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(Above: the Jew, William Kashtan, posing as a White Canadian).

The communist party of Canada, just like in America and Australia, was led largely by Jews. For example, William Kashtan (1909–1993). He was general secretary of the Communist Party of Canada. Another big Jew in Canadian communism was Fred Rose (real name Fishel Rosenberg; 1907–1983). A Soviet spy, he was best known as the only member of the Canadian Parliament ever convicted of spying for a foreign country. Another powerful Jew in Canadian Marxism was Sam Carr (real name Schmil Kogan; 1906–1989). He was the editor of the Communist Party’s newspaper, The Clarion, and he was also a Soviet spy. “Carr” is today a “victim” of “human rights” abuses. Of course! The poor innocent Jew! And, I already posted about Joseph Zuken.

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