27 March, 2020

Cosmopolitan America, Globalism and Coronavirus Effects

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((“Globalism began as a vision of a world with free trade, shared prosperity, and open borders. These are good, even noble things to aim for.” — New Age author Deepak Chopra, 2012. Wonder if he still believes that?)).

((“Let’s build huge cities in America and stuff them full of Brown foreigners! Let’s make those cities hubs for unrestricted, 24/7 global travel!” — said some Jew, at some point in time, no doubt)).

Talk to someone in Kansas or Arizona about the Coronavirus effects in his area and he’ll say “things are more-or-less normal here.”

But talk to someone in New York City and he’ll tell you “things are very topsy-turvy here. Not normal. Everything is locked down — it’s sort of like martial law.” (Interestingly, the vast majority of the 28 locked-down states are liberal-run states — must be just a Cohencidence). Why are things very different in NYC? Because NYC has been hit harder by Coronavirus. Because NYC is truly a “global, cosmopolitan city.” People from all over the world arrive in, and leave from, NYC daily (or, they did until mid-March). NYC’s population is all over the racial spectrum: various Black, various Asian, various Brown, Jew, and everything in between. It’s a petri dish of riffraff.

But Arizona and Kansas? Not so much. The people are largely White and normal, and they stay put.

Remember this when your congressman is pushing “immigration reform” and “diversity” and “globalism.” We don’t need those things. We need to stay safe. What’s going to happen next time, when a virus much more virulent than COVID-19 arrives in America? Globalism and multiculturalism must be rejected now, before a more-serious crisis occurs. (Trivia: many Western supply chains are strongly attached to Asia [where most pandemics come from]. In other words, Asia plays a key role in the manufacturing and shipping of goods to America. If another, more-serious disease outbreak occurs in the future, there would be many things that you might not be able to buy for a long time. This is a great reason to end globalism [aka, “a world without walls/borders”] and job outsourcing. More trivia: back in the 1950s, America made everything it needed. That’s right! Pencils, pens, batteries, radios, TVs, cars, you name it, America made it. But look at now: America makes almost nothing! What happened? Globalism and free trade happened!).

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