11 March, 2020

It Must Really Suck Being a Liberal Now

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The liberals must be nearly suicidal now. On the one hand, they could choose Joe Biden as a presidential candidate. But that would be ridiculous: Biden is showing the mental signs of old age, and Donald Trump has a black belt in verbal judo, i.e., Trump would cream Biden in a political debate.

Or the liberals could choose Bernie Sanders, a Jewish socialist. He may do well in a few primaries, but that’s all he’ll do. He couldn’t win a nationwide election because too many normal people hate socialism. In fact, people are voting for Biden solely to block Sanders.

And what about Hillary C? Could she enter the presidential race and win? Nope. Even many liberals consider Hillary to be “kryptonite” in an election. After the Steele Dossier fiasco, she couldn’t win a local election, much less a national one.

The liberals have no candidate who could even come close to beating Trump in the November election. The fat lady has already sung, and she has gone home to get drunk and cry!

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