6 March, 2020

More About Open Borders/Immigration

Posted by Socrates in Brown Man, California, Camp of the Saints, Camp of the Sane, dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, global citizenship/world citizenship, global vs. local/regional, Holy God of Economic Growth, immigration, One World, One World, One People and Free Tacos for Everybody!, Open Borders movement, resource competition, Socrates, The Brown Invasion of the Western World, The Coming of Brown Man, War On White People at 11:51 am | Permanent Link

By default, you’re gonna end up with less of everything in the future, White man. Are you ready to compete with Brown immigrants for resources? California already has “rolling blackouts” in order to conserve electrical power. California also must get water from Arizona (which faces its own water shortage in the near future). As Brown immigration increases, resources will be rationed. Who will get them? A better question: who will decide who gets them? Yay, immigration! Yay, Brown people! Yay, growth and congestion! Woo, hoo!

Here’s an analogy about resource competition and immigration:

If you have one large pizza and 8 guests, everyone gets a slice and everyone is happy.

If you have one large pizza and 80 guests, then everyone gets a tiny piece of pizza but everyone remains hungry. You’ve accomplished nothing by giving everyone a tiny piece of pizza — in fact, the guests all hate you now for short-changing them. How dare you!

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