12 March, 2020

Political Correctness Plagues the U.S. Space Corps

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(That’s the Jewish communist Horkheimer above. He’d love the U.S. Space Corps! Horkheimer was part of The Frankfurt School. He fled Nazi Germany and came to America in 1934. Lucky us!).

White culture is about honesty and telling the truth. Cultural Marxism/Political Correctness is about dishonesty and lying. So why is CM/PC allowed in our government, our schools, and our media? CM/PC must be vigorously resisted at all costs. Each time you encounter it, try to stop it somehow. Warn others about it.

CM/PC claims that women are natural leaders who can “boss” as well as men. Nope. For one thing, women have trouble making hard, or quick, decisions,
and, they suffer “career burn-out” much earlier than men.

(What is Political Correctness? It came from the Soviet Union and it’s part of Cultural Marxism [1]. It basically means “deliberately telling lies about other humans to advance a left-wing political agenda.” For example, saying “women can do anything men can do” is a lie, but nonetheless that lie is told all over the Western world today).


[1] Political Correctness is a sub-ideology of Cultural Marxism (it’s the “language part” of CM, i.e., talking/writing) and Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of Critical Theory (which came from The Frankfurt School); so that’s read: Critical Theory>Cultural Marxism>Political Correctness

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