21 March, 2020

The Claim “America was Founded by Immigrants”

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Seen on the web: “Yes, United States was founded by immigrants but that doesn’t mean that those open border policies should stay the same when the nation has matured and its predominant culture has taken root.”

Newbies, that old claim that America is “a nation of immigrants” is false. Out of America’s 118 founders, only a handful were foreign-born (i.e., they were White men born in England/Ireland/Scotland) [1][2]. The vast majority of America’s founders were WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) and were born in America’s original 13 colonies. Granted, you could say “well, America didn’t exist when those men were born.” Right, but that’s a mere technicality.

Most people get the idea that America is “a nation of immigrants/founded by immigrants” from Hollywood and from the poem found under the Statue of Liberty (that poem needs to be removed) written by the Jewish activist Emma Lazarus.


[1] 118 White men created the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution

[2] 3 were born in England, 3 in Ireland, and 2 in Scotland

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