6 March, 2020

The Jewing and Feminizing of the Western Workplace

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Here we go again: how to “properly” treat thin-skinned modern wimmins at fancy, Jewed workplaces in big cosmopolitan cities. If you don’t treat wimmins “correctly” they’ll cry and file lawsuits with the aid of ambulance-chasers named Ira and Aaron and Benjamin. “I’m sorry, femchick. We can’t afford to get sued every month, so we only hire White men.” Just once I’d like to hear someone say that! (You could say that in 1962). And to think, White men built the western workplace all by ourselves, brick by brick! We build it, The Other ruins it, again and again and again. Tell me why we’re so nice to The Other? Where does that niceness get us? Nice guys do indeed finish last!

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