13 March, 2020

White Philosophy: The Main Reason Why the Left Hates America

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Sure, there may be several reasons why the political Left hates America so much. For example, America was founded and built by “White racist men” who “oppressed” people of color (Indians, African slaves, etc.).

But what’s the main reason why the Left hates America? Well, picture it: let’s say that all of Europe turned socialist next week. Would America turn socialist as well? No. True, some parts of America are already socialist (e.g., the universities, the media, San Francisco). But America, on the whole, will probably never turn genuinely socialist. Its economy is so huge and so powerful and so far-reaching and so “entrepreneurial”, it will never happen. As the most powerful Western capitalist country, America, in the teenager-type minds of the leftists, “stands in the way of global socialism.” America “prevents a socialist revolution from happening.”

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