1 April, 2020

America: Always Helping Communists. Why?

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(Above: “Sandalista” [Sandinista] leader Daniel “Four-Eyes” Ortega, a brutal Marxist thug. Before being trained in guerrilla warfare in Castro’s Cuba, he spent 7 years in prison in Nicaragua. Like Lenin and Stalin, Ortega was a criminal before he became a Marxist dictator. Must be just a Cohencidence. Ortega genocided the Miskito Indians in Nicaragua, but strangely, he’s never been charged with genocide or “human rights” abuses. Why not? Because leftists are never charged with those things. Only rightists are. According to Wikipedia, “In September 1979, United States President Carter hosted Ortega at the White House.” The White House?? You don’t say! Ortega swore he would turn Nicaragua democratic someday, but he never did. It was only fake democracy. Nonetheless, under his rule Nicaragua got lots of U.S. aid [1]).

America is supposed to be an anti-communist country, but somehow we help communists everywhere, no matter the circumstance.

Trivia: did you know that, if not for massive U.S. aid, the Soviet Union would have lost WWII and Hitler would have won the war? Yep. In fact, had Roosevelt not “recognized” the Soviet Union in November 1933 (which opened it up to global trade, credit and loans), it would have collapsed by probably 1937. What a swell guy, that FDR! Yeah. Also, the U.S. government has long given aid to the communist government of Nicaragua, even before it turned pseudo-democratic (and it still isn’t democratic). In fact, consider this strange thing: in 1979, the United States suspended all foreign aid to Nicaragua due to the anti-communist leader Somoza trying to use the military to fight the communist Sandinistas (what’s wrong with doing that? Nothing! It’s perfectly fine). Nicaragua is a very poor country and it needed that U.S. aid. The suspension of American aid, and further U.S. political pressure, led to Somoza fleeing Nicaragua and the Sandinistas coming to power in July 1979. So, America helped to install the Sandinistas. Nice going, fools. Just like in Cuba with Batista/Castro! Same thing! The United States recognized the legitimacy of the new Sandinista government and offered aid, which was rejected by the Sandinistas in favor of Soviet aid (why the fuck did America recognize a communist government and offer it aid? The U.S. is damn lucky that Nicaragua turning communist — complete with lots of Soviet aid afterwards — didn’t start a communist revolution in all of Central America right next to the Panama Canal, or, even worse, that such a revolution didn’t spread into Mexico and communize it. Damn lucky!)

The U.S. pretends to be anti-communist and it is — but only on Mondays and Fridays. The rest of the week, it helps communists.



[1] “Although the U.S. supplied post-revolution Nicaragua with tens of millions of dollars in economic aid, relations broke down when the Sandinistas supplied weapons to leftist Salvadoran rebels” — Wikipedia

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