8 April, 2020

Covid-19: the Second Political Disease, or, Those Questionable Coronavirus Death Numbers

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Remember the “AIDS crisis” of the early 1980s? Remember how the American media covered it? “We’ll all be dead soon!” the media shouted. Obviously, that wasn’t true. Not even close! In fact, only a tiny percentage of the U.S. population got AIDS, and most of those people were male homosexuals who got it because they couldn’t keep their zippers up.

Who, in the press, covered the “AIDS crisis”? Liberals who hated president Ronald Reagan. Those liberal press reporters knew that the worse the AIDS crisis was portrayed in the media, the more it would hurt Reagan politically, since he would, by default, catch some of the blame for the spread of the disease. AIDS was the first political disease.

In the early days of the coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis in America (early February 2020), testing was spotty at best. America was “late to the Covid-19 party” and didn’t have significant Covid testing until February 5, and even so, testing took awhile, and after that, it was still spotty at best: in a country of 327 million people, only 100 laboratories nationwide had Covid testing kits. Each reagent testing kit, sent out to the labs by the Centers for Disease Control, could only test 300 people for Covid. Many of those testing kits were faulty and didn’t work properly [1]. There has also been a shortage of the reagent chemicals used in the Covid testing kits [2]. President Trump only later announced the widespread availability of fast and accurate Covid testing kits, on March 30 — very late in the game, so to speak. (But, I’m told that only the bigger cities have the new, post-March 30 testing kits).

If America had late, spotty and faulty Covid testing, then how did the government and the press know that all those earlier “coronavirus deaths” were actually due to Covid, instead of due to the flu, or another virus, etc.? Answer: they didn’t know and indeed couldn’t know. They merely guessed. If Person X had “coronavirus symptoms” before he died, then he “died of coronavirus.” Who knows what the real Covid death number is? We’ll never know (but it is currently said to be nearly 13,000).

Who has been covering the Covid-19 crisis in the press? Liberals who pathologically hate president Donald Trump and who know that Covid hysteria can hurt him politically, just like Reagan! By the way, they also hate prime minister Boris “Brexit” Johnson of the UK. Covid-19 is the second political disease. (Currently, the Western media is breathlessly reporting that Johnson is almost at death’s door from Covid-19, when in reality he had mild Covid symptoms and was therefore placed in an intensive-care-unit as a precaution since he’s a head-of-state).


[1] re: faulty test kits: “What Went Wrong with Coronavirus Testing in the U.S.” in The New Yorker, March 16, 2020.

[2] a reagent is a chemical used to detect other chemicals

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