21 April, 2020

Excellent: An Immigration Ban!

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“Orange Man bad! Orange Man bad!” shout the Jews and the liberals. How dare Trump ban sweet, kind, innocent, wonderful immigrants from Pakistan, Honduras and Somalia?? Ooh, the humanity!

Quote: “President Donald Trump announced late Monday night that he would temporarily halt all immigration due to the Chinese coronavirus.”

This is an important step for America First. Now, let’s make the immigration ban permanent! America has 327 million people in it already. That’s more than enough.

The liberals are going nuts about the ban, calling Trump a “xenophobe.” “He’s phobic! He’s afraid of immigrants!” No, he’s not. The liberals will tell you that America was “created by immigrants.” No, it wasn’t. America was created by 118 White men, and only 8 of those were foreign-born (i.e., born in England, Ireland or Scotland).

Normal people are tired of foreigners flooding into America like water through a broken levee. Foreigners don’t “improve” America. They divide America into 30 different tribes. How does dividing America make it “better”? It makes it much worse!

Amazingly, immigration was not suspended after 9/11/2001. In fact, I cannot recall the last time it was suspended, if it ever has been.


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