28 April, 2020

Media Hysteria Kills, and, What Have We Missed?

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I saw this on the web:

“‘Media: If you step outside your house or inside a hospital you will die a horrible death.’
Also Media: ‘Why aren’t people calling 911 anymore when they have heart attacks? We investigate!'”

Yes. According to studies, and some doctors, few heart-attack and stroke victims go to the hospital now. They stay home and suffer through the ailment, and sometimes die, too. They’re afraid to call for an ambulance and end up in Hell, according to Big Media.

So, how many people have the media outlets killed-by-default since, say, March 10? Hundreds? Thousands? I’m guessing thousands.

The entire American media should be sued for negligence. There should be consequences for recklessly causing long-lasting panic and hysteria. There’s a big difference between “reporting the news” and “turning a mole-hill into a mountain via 24/7 panic-peddling.” For example: did you visit any news website in mid-March? Sadly, I did. Every news article on any news website was about Covid-19! Yes. All 100+ articles on each website. Each day. Every day! What actual, genuine news have we all missed since March 10? I wonder about that. I really do.

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