27 April, 2020

Minneapolis is Now a Muslim City? “Minneapolis to Broadcast Ramadan Call to Prayer Five Times a Day”

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Muslim yelling over public loudspeakers at 6:00 AM: “Alli walli…aaaaaaaaa…dilli dalli…whamma rammi…slimmi slammi…aaaaaaaaa…alli balli, polli wolli…aaaaaaaaaa…wiggi walli weeni balli…aaaaaaaaaaaa…”

Tourist #1: “Excuse me, are we in Egypt?”

Tourist #2: “No, Minneapolis.”

A White country that allows thousands of Muslims into it will soon perish: these Brown urchins will outbreed Whites very quickly, in addition to them committing the usual Muslim “jihad” violence. (Note: the mayor of Minneapolis is liberal and Jewish).


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