6 April, 2020

Taking Bold Advantage of Coronavirus, or, Chutzpah!

Posted by Socrates in America, America-the-sitcom, capitalism, capitalist greed/exploitation, chutzpah, coronavirus, Coronavirus media hysteria, greed, jew mentality, jewed culture, Socrates, tv, TV culture at 9:38 am | Permanent Link

Seen on the TV: tons of new pizza-delivery ads. All of them shouting new offers: “free delivery!” or “buy 1 pizza, get 3 free!” or similar.

Would these pizza people also stand in front of a burning apartment building, selling burn ointment? “Step right up, folks! We’re having a special today: one large tube of burn ointment for $100.00! That’s a bargain! They won’t last long! Hurry, hurry! Get your ointment, folks! Best price anywhere! We take all major credit cards! Hurry, hurry!”

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