29 April, 2020

The Saga of White Will (a Comic Book)

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In the early 1990s, Dr. William Pierce’s National Alliance produced a comic book called “The Saga of White Will.” Sadly, the comic was not run as a series. It was just a single issue.

I’m sure you’ll agree that White Will should be brought back, but on the web: a weekly comic series that follows Will, still in high school, as the Jews and the liberals try to jam him up in various ways. Maybe a White artist out there can take up the challenge.

Speaking of Dr. Pierce, all of his ADV broadcasts have just been removed from archive.org. Gee, I wonder which powerful Jewish organization was behind that? In the meantime, here is 20 full hours of Dr. Pierce at one URL, audio, from 1998. You might want to save this audio, as it looks like web censorship is greatly increasing. Repeat, greatly increasing.

[Comic book; a .PDF file].

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