20 April, 2020

This Will Create More Misanthropes, I Really Hope: People Are Idiots

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I’m already a proud misanthrope (i.e., I hate humanity; most people are assholes). Alex is also a misanthrope, I think. If I saw a human and a dog drowning, I’d save the dog. Only if I had enough extra energy would I go back and save the human — but only if he was a straight White male (I’d ask him first, heh, heh).

Anyway: you gotta be shitting me! (pun intended). I was taught all my life to wash up, with soap, after using the can and before every meal! Who are these retards?

“For one French study, 64,002 people across 63 countries were asked if they agreed with the statement “washing your hands with soap after using a toilet is something you do automatically”. Less than half the respondents from China, Japan, South Korea and the Netherlands agreed.” The Netherlands??


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