3 April, 2020

White Philosophy: When White People “Leave” White Nationalism

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Here’s an essay written by a White man who “left” the WN “movement.”

First of all, not every White person is born to be a White Nationalist. Sad, but true. Some Whites just don’t grasp the WN ideology, which is basically about saving White Western culture from a collapse that is surely coming (thanks to immigration, multiculturalism, globalism, etc.) [1].

Now, about that word “movement.” It implies that WN is merely a trivial thing, sort of political, like the Republican party. But WN is no mere “movement”: it is life or death for White people! It is “will America, and the rest of the West, survive or not?” In my opinion, you can’t any more leave White Nationalism than a fish can leave the sea. Either 1) you embrace and fight for your own people, or 2) you embrace the ongoing, deliberate genocide of White Western culture. There’s no actual choice there. Obviously you’ll choose option 1 over option 2.

Let’s consider a few of the statements he made in his essay:

“But the true realization must come that it isn’t just White working class people who are suffering, but all working class people. It is not about race, but class.”

No. That’s “Old Left” thinking. Class didn’t build the Western world. Race built it. White men built it.

“But the true scope of the problem is not just facing the White working class in America, but all working people around the world.”

This is “one world/one people” ideology. This is egalitarian and globalist. Western culture is White.

“Climate extinction…”

That’s also called “green Marxism.” I’m not seeing the connection between that and leaving WN, or WN in general.

“bourgeois society…”

Huh. Didn’t Karl Marx popularize that?

If you became a WN and then “left the movement,” then in my opinion you never really understood WN anyway. You never “got it.” It’s actually good that you “left” WN since it reduces the number of uncommitted Whites in WN and it therefore solidifies the rest of us.



[1] “White Nationalism” is defined as “White people thinking and acting racially”

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