9 May, 2020

Black People: a Curse on Humanity

Posted by Socrates in black behavior, black behavior vs. white behavior, black crime, black culture, Blacks as a failed race, Blacks as worthless, Blacks in America, Blacks in England, Blacks in Europe, Socrates at 10:23 am | Permanent Link

Negroes are proof that God doesn’t exist. No god would make those horrible creatures.

Indeed, Africa is an entire continent of idiots. An entire continent! And not only are negroes idiots, they’re violent, too! The negroes terrorize every country they inhabit: England, France, America. Murder, rape, and robbery are normal behavior for them. Blacks are a worthless race. Why are they tolerated in the Western world today? Why are they allowed to breed like rabbits when we know the outcome of that (i.e., more crime)?


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