15 May, 2020

Feminism: Few Things Are More Dangerous

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Feminism doesn’t work. It’s merely a stupid collection of anti-male, anti-family, anti-Western ideas. It doesn’t work because feminist ideas always start from the position that men and women are equal in every way (except for their genitals). That’s baloney! Men and women are very different in many important ways. Biologists and psychologists know this (or, they used to know this, anyway).

The very idea that women should be doing the exact same work, in the exact same fields, with the exact same results, as men! While not raising children! That’s madness. That’s a wild hallucination. All women have something called a womb. It has one purpose: to produce babies. Women have wombs in order to replenish the human species. A crazy concept, I know.

Feminism should be loudly rejected by all men in the world whenever it is encountered. If men don’t strongly reject feminism, it will spread like a cancer — in fact, it already has spread like a cancer: the majority of women today can be described as feminists.


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