1 May, 2020

How To Be a Good Human

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What a great post for May Day! (aka, International Workers’ Day or “Communism Day”).

Do you want to be a good human? Of course you do. You’re White!

In order to be a good human, you must understand humans, in every possible way: socially, romantically, historically, racially. And in order to understand humans, you must never listen to the “Politically Correct” party line found in the schools, the media, academia, and the government. Why not? Because Political Correctness is based entirely on lies about humans (and it’s also a form of Marxism). That’s right. Political Correctness was pioneered in the Soviet Union and it was all about denying facts and logic in order to please the leaders of the Soviet communist party, who had a certain, specific agenda to follow. They could not deviate from Political Correctness, lest they be shot by the government [1].

So, in order to be a good human, you must reject all forms of Political Correctness. How do you do that? Easy. Read and listen to “Politically Incorrect” people. For example, if a scientist like Dr. James Watson or a White nationalist like Dr. William Pierce has been branded as a “racist” by the media and by academia, then those men are “Politically Incorrect,” so you know for certain that they’re telling the truth.


[1] Political Correctness can be summed up like this:

Soviet official #1: “Comrade, what you have just said is not factually correct, and you know it!”

Soviet official #2: “True, but it is politically correct!”

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