4 May, 2020

Liberals Always Destroy Things. Why Don’t They Ban Liberals from America? Let Them Go to France!

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Liberals love rules and mandates. They love forcing people to do things, despite their frequent claims that they are “easy-going” and “tolerant.” Just look at California: it’s a police state run by liberals (e.g., California has laws that prohibit the state from doing business with any other state that “discriminates” against “transgender” people, even though there’s no such thing as a transgender person!). Liberals are bankrupting America with Covid-19 lockdown hysteria — indeed, all of the states that went “total lockdown” were…right! Liberal states! (note: some conservative states only went “partial lockdown” and didn’t mandate staying home).

Liberals also love France [1]. Here’s an idea: why don’t all the liberals in America move to France, instead of screwing up our country? You know, I once knew a guy from Aspen. He said it was a great little place until about 1976, when all the Hollywood celebrity assholes began moving there. After that, housing prices went thru the roof and the politics of Aspen changed from “half-way normal” to “very left-wing.” The old “pick-up truck” Aspen is long gone, having been replaced by Rolls Royces, fur coats and Friends of Bill (Clinton). I had previously wanted to go there, but now I don’t (trivia: Governor Polis is a Jewish homosexual).



[1] France was the birthplace of modern liberalism circa 1789; the communist leader Fidel Castro often spoke fondly of the French Revolution and compared his “revolution” to it.

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