4 May, 2020

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“As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me” (2001; German with English subtitles).

In this movie, set just after WWII, a German soldier, captured by the Soviet Union, is sent to the Soviet gulag (in other words, sent to Hell). Beautifully filmed. Trivia: the murderous Soviet Union would have collapsed circa 1937 without American aid. The U.S. politically “recognized” the Soviet Union in November 1933, which greatly helped it by opening it up to international trade and loans. The Soviets had already murdered — in cold blood — 30 million people by 1933. Why did America support such an evil country? Good question. Ask F. D. Roosevelt. Better yet, ask the Jewish powerbroker Bernard Baruch, who was Roosevelt’s “handler.” By the way, the Soviet Union was illegally built by Jews in 1917 [1]. What? Your history teacher didn’t mention the Jewish/Soviet connection? Wonder why not. Must be just a Cohencidence that bad behavior by Jews is never, ever mentioned.

[Movie; duration is 2 hours, 38 minutes].


[1] a list of the people who built the Soviet Union

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