15 May, 2020

Online Movie

Posted by Socrates in Africa, black nationalism, black rule, black violence, Britain, British Empire, colonialism in Africa, England, Socrates, Zulus at 11:09 am | Permanent Link

Zulu (1964), starring Michael Caine.

A good movie, very worth watching. The basic plot: in South Africa in 1879, a tribe of kind, sweet, gentle, poetry-reading, high-IQ negroes (i.e., the brutal Zulu warriors) battle Evil White Men From Europe (i.e., the British army). The trouble between the two groups seems to have begun when the Zulu rejected the British demands that they recognize British authority in the region. How dare the Zulu reject British authority! Uppity negroes. Oh, sure, we also rejected British authority in 1776, but that was different. We’re White, you see. Makes all the difference.

[Video; duration is 2 hours, 18 minutes].

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