16 May, 2020

Race and Cautiousness (a Re-Post from 2013, Edited Slightly)

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This is a true story. It happened in Arizona.

One day, a non-White woman was in a grocery store. She had a small child with her, who was about 3 years old. While she shopped, the woman (we’ll call her “Mrs. Brown”) allowed her child to ride in her shopping cart at the very top of the cart, in the small area where women put their purses while they shop. At one point, Mrs. Brown’s child stood up in the cart and was soon dangerously close to falling out of it onto the floor. Mrs. Brown saw the child stand up in the cart, but was oblivious to any possible danger. But a White woman who was standing nearby (we’ll call her “Mrs. White”) immediately realized the danger and sprang into action, grabbing Mrs. Brown’s child and lowering him to safety before he could fall out of the cart. Afterwards, Mrs. Brown gave Mrs. White an angry look, as if to say, “who the Hell are you and why did you touch my child??” Mrs. Brown had failed to grasp the danger to her child while Mrs. White spotted the danger immediately. Of course, Mrs. Brown failed to thank Mrs. White for possibly saving her child from serious injury or death.

The point to this story is that Whites are naturally more cautious than non-Whites. Unfortunately, this fact is ignored daily in America when people make decisions in hiring, firing, renting, dating, marriage, etc. For example, the manager of an apartment complex must rent to people who are more likely to damage an apartment [i.e., non-Whites] because federal law says that he cannot discriminate against non-Whites when making renting decisions. (In fact, I would really like to know how many car accidents, medical accidents, construction-site accidents, plane crashes and fires have been caused by non-Whites in the past 40 years in America. I’m quite sure that non-Whites caused a disproportionate number of those accidents).

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