10 May, 2020

Safety-Mania: Why Does It Exist?

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You can thank female politicians for safety-mania (today, 33% of Western politicians are female, compared to 1980 when few of them were female). To paraphrase Alex Linder, “women want to live in a world with all the corners rounded off.” They’re safety freaks. If it’s “dangerous,” they’ll try to ban it or regulate it. Of course, it’s not just a female issue. The leftists and Cultural Marxists are also responsible for safety-mania. If your Little Johnny doesn’t want to go out and play in the woods or in the desert, here’s why: he’s afraid he’ll get hurt! Mommy and Big Media have told him repeatedly how dangerous woods and deserts are! Child molesters and vicious animals could be lurking in the brush! OMG! Better stay home! (where have you heard that recently?).


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