3 May, 2020

White Philosophy: the 2nd Amendment and What It Means

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A liberal once told me: “The 2nd Amendment does not refer to individuals. It refers only to a government-sponsored militia, such as the National Guard.”

That is a common belief among liberals. It’s also totally false.

The Bill of Rights is about what the government cannot do to the citizens. If the 2nd Amendment referred only to a government-sponsored militia such as the National Guard, why would the 2nd Amendment have been created at all? And why would it be in the Bill of Rights? Of course the government has a right to arm troops! That goes without saying! No need to even mention it. So, obviously, the 2nd Amendment is about citizens only, not about a government-sponsored national guard.

In that case, any ban on guns, by any government branch (local, state, federal) is illegal. A California ban on “assault rifles” is therefore illegal. A gun is a gun. Period. Liberals in California have no constitutional authority to take your “evil assault guns” away from you.

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