3 June, 2020

Forced Marxist Confessionals Come to America: White Woman Ordered to Publicly Confess Her “White Privilege” (Video)

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This is shocking.

First of all, recall that “White privilege” is a bogus term that was invented by two Marxists: Noel Ignatiev (a Jew) and Theodore Allen (a gentile) in 1967. It’s fake. Fraudulent. Like all Marxist ideology.

Also recall that, according to U.S. civil rights laws, all humans, regardless of race, have the right to move about in public places, freely and without any interference. If a White man did this to a Black woman, he’d be looking at a federal civil-rights-violation charge.

In communist China, under Chairman Mao’s leadership (pre-1976), citizens were forced to publicly “confess” their political “crimes”: e.g., they weren’t “loyal enough” to the Communist Party, they didn’t worship Mao vigorously enough, they were too rich, too greedy, etc.

How is this type of forced “White privilege confession” any different than the Chinese confessions? It’s right out of the communist playbook: publicly confess your “crimes”!


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