20 June, 2020

Giving the Blacks More Holidays: How Do Whites Benefit From That?

Posted by Socrates in black arrogance, black behavior, black behavior vs. white behavior, Black Cities, black crime, black culture, Black mentality, Black rioting, Martin Luther King Jr., rioting by Blacks/Browns, Socrates at 12:31 pm | Permanent Link

Seen: a Tweet, which read: “Just got to my bank to find it’s “closed in observation of Juneteenth.” This means we can dump Martin Luther King Day, right?”

Yeah! There is a big movement now to give Blacks another national holiday: Juneteenth. The Blacks already have a holiday as noted above: MLK Day, and also, all of February is Black History Month. A whole month!

If we give the Blacks not just a mile, but several miles, of slack, are they gonna stop rioting, looting, robbing, raping and resisting the police? Will they start behaving like normal people? Don’t bet on it. In fact, it seems the Blacks are just like spoiled teenagers: the more freedom we give them, the more they rebel. They riot and loot because they know that they can get away with it, and, that each riot will bring them more benefits. Stop rewarding rioters and looters, America.

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