4 June, 2020

If Black Lives Matter

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If Black lives really matter:

Slavery in America officially ended in 1865. Why didn’t Blacks have universal voting rights in America until 1965 (100 years later), when the Jim Crow laws were abolished? [1]. Black people only “became important” at that time, and they needed special federal laws to make that happen [2]. Let’s put it another way: in 1963, Blacks were still yard apes, but in 1965, they were smart and respectable people, worthy of voting! They gained 15 IQ points and were completely transformed into normal humans almost overnight! Nobody recognized their importance until a century later, but it was just an accidental oversight! (Do you believe that?) [3].


[1] due to the southern “Jim Crow” laws, Blacks had no universal “right to vote” until 1964/1965 with the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

[2] Note: I have recently discovered that Norbert Schlei, the author of the Voting Rights Act, was not Jewish. I had previously said that he was Jewish, because he’s been called Jewish by many smart people. However, historically, it has been Jews who have pushed for civil rights laws for Blacks

[3] on average, Blacks have IQs 15 points lower than Whites. IQ is “intelligence quotient.” IQ tests measure the ability to recognize and solve problems. Private companies used to give IQ tests to job applicants, but negroes would fail them routinely, so the “racist” tests were abolished by law.

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