21 June, 2020

If White Privilege Exists

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I’m not saying that “White privilege” exists. I’m only saying this: “if it exists” then let us consider the following:

White people built the United States of America (and we built Europe as well). We built everything in it. All of America’s laws, customs, habits, traits, architecture, folkways, beliefs, and values are White, and only White. So, if “White privilege” does exist, how is it a bad thing? How is it shameful for Whites? It’s actually a good thing, like an inheritance, like a carrying-on of White tradition. I have always been taught that everything “traditional” is good and that it’s the new, untried ideas that you should be suspicious of.

(One more thing: the term “White privilege” was coined by two Marxists [Noel Ignatiev, a Jew, and Theodore Allen, a gentile] in 1967).

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